Ashley & Nick | The Wedding | Suwannee River Music Park

Before I hop a plane tomorrow with Denise & Erik (remember them?), I couldn’t wait to share this super fun wedding I had the pleasure of photographing this past weekend.

Ashley & Nick put together an amazing day which focused on the main event- each of them promising their forevers. The ceremony was heartfelt, joyous, and bursting with confetti cannons!! Not only confetti, but balloons dropped during their first dance. No detail was left unnoticed, from the loud cannons to the quiet gift of her late grandmother’s watch necklace from Ashley’s aunt. It went perfectly with her 40’s style dress and dance shoes to add a touch of something old. After Ashley was all trimmed up, she met her sweet groom to be for a first look. When these two get together, there is nothing sweeter. They seem to fall in love all over again with each glance, it’s incredible to witness. They walked each other to the ceremony where Ashley met her parents and Nick took his position at the end of the aisle. They said their own vows, were united by a close friend and boom! Literally, boom, the cannons fired! First kiss, first dance, first ranch dressing fountain I’ve seen and they were off. 80’s music dominated the evening as their guests danced away until the very last minute.

Thank you so much for having us out. It was an honor to work with you and to now call you a friend (speaking of- martinis with no work to do sound yummy!).


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