Denise & Erik | NYC Bridal Session

This was one of the most amazing sessions I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. After their beautiful wedding in April ran a little late and we didn’t have time for all the portraits, we decided a little bridal session was just the ticket. Then we decided on more tickets because the perfect staircase on which to feature Denise and her stunning gown was in Central Park. Since they were planning to head up for the Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden, I just went with them. We had a blast, starting at Bethesda Fountain and the mall before we went back, changed, and headed out for the Brooklyn Bridge. I can’t tell you how beautiful everything came out, you’ll see that below. I’m just honored to have had the chance to create more memories for this wonderful couple and I’m looking forward to many more! Be sure to leave them some love in comments below 🙂

Brandi Image Photography_1055.jpg
Brandi Image Photography_1056.jpg
Brandi Image Photography_1057.jpg
Brandi Image Photography_1058.jpg
Brandi Image Photography_1059.jpg
Brandi Image Photography_1060.jpg
Brandi Image Photography_1061.jpg
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Brandi Image Photography_1064.jpg
Brandi Image Photography_1065.jpg
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Brandi Image Photography_1076.jpg
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Brandi Image Photography_1080.jpg
Brandi Image Photography_1081.jpg

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