The Perfect Guide to Your {Spring/Summer Family Session}

The keys to looking great in a family portrait are comfort and style! Keep the following 4 guidelines in mind and you’ll help create your perfect portrait.
1* Keep it comfortable. You don’t want to wear anything you looks great but causes you to pull at it the whole time. You want to be able to move around and play with your kids without worrying about staining, ripping or ruining something.
2* Keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with trendy looks or dress too much for the season. When you pull out your album in 5 years, you want to see you and the fun you had that day, not that you were (oh my word) wearing that trend that ended 5 minutes after our session!
3* Keep it colorful. Neutrals with a pop of one or two complimentary colors work really well for showing personality. The whole family in white shirts and khaki pants is a thing of the past.
4* Keep it about you. Mom comes first! I know this is an odd concept for moms but you choose your outfit first then plan everyone else around you. When you try to match your kids, you can end up with too many options and nowhere to start for your look. There’s some ideas below, please share your own too!
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