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Rosalie & Randy {The Wedding} | DeQueen, Arkansas

When my cousin told me she was getting married, I was ecstatic! When she asked me to come out and photograph her wedding, I was bouncing off the walls! Rosalie finally met the love of her life in Randy and I couldn’t be happier for both of them. She put together a beautiful day full...

Laren & Darrell {The Engagement} | Tampa

Laren waited for her perfect man, never one to settle, and she found him! I cried tears of joy for her when she called to tell me she was engaged! Meeting Darrell and seeing them together just solidified for me that she found her soul mate. I cannot wait for their wedding!

Nicole & John {The Engagement} | St. Petersburg

This is a seriously fun couple! Who else would dress like we actually have an Autumn season, traipse through sand-spur laden fields, risk trespassing charges and look this good doing it?? I do love everything about this session, the light, the love, the details. If I picked favorites, they would certainly be contenders!

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