Shannon & Alan {The Wedding} | Tarpon Springs, FL

What a perfect day for a beach wedding! The air was warm with a nice breeze, sky clear and water jusy choppy enough to break up the water line. And the sunset was breathtaking. It was all Shannon and Alan dreamed of when planning their Tarpon Springs wedding all the way from Indiana! They had plenty of help from their amazing coordinator Julie at Beach Ceremonies by Jules.

Meeting Shannon and Alan for the first time was so much fun! I particularly love my couples who say those magical three little words to me that mean so much, “We trust you”. Better yet, when they ask the quesiton, “Do you want us to get in the water, beacuse we’re totally up for that”. My reply is always yes. Yes, I want you in the water. Be your wonderful selves and enjoy being married, on the beach, in Florida, with your sweet kids and loving family. That’s what I wanted to capture and that’s absolutely what I got. Thank you both for the honor of capturing your wedding day!

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