Natalie & Justin {The Wedding}

Venue: The Rusty Pelican

Ceremony Coordinator: Erica Rexroat | One Love by Erica

Entertainment: C’Nergy Band

Gown: Maggie Sottero | Sarasota Brides & Formalwear

Caterer: The Rusty Pelican

Floral Design: X Floral

Cake: Chantilly Cakes

Hair and Makeup: Michele Renee The Studio

Invitations: Love vs Design

Officiant: Ryan Nelson

First Dance Song: “Stay with You” – John Legend


I first met Natalie many, many years ago (we don’t need to count back that far)! Over the years, we went to different schools, lost touch and miraculously reconnected through Facebook just in time for her wedding day. I was so excited to see her again, to meet Justin and hear about everything they put together for their day. I love it when couples truly incorporate their personalities into their weddings and make it a unique event. Natalie and Justin did just that and the results were fantastic. They never lost the concept that this was their day to promise their forevers to each other, so they had the perfect, goofy, romantic wedding of their dreams!

This was also the first wedding I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing with a live band and let me tell you- they were outstanding!! The dance floor was always packed and everyone had a blast! Natalie’s & Justin’s wedding day was perfect, it was my honor to be the one to photograph it. Thank you!!



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