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Kelly & Benton | the wedding | postcard inn, st. pete beach

Kelly and Benton’s sun drenched wedding at the Postcard Inn was absolutely stunning! We had a phenomenal day on the beach capped off with a perfect sunset. Everything went perfectly as planned and why wouldn’t it with the amazing team they had. We had so much time to capture portraits, it was really a dream! During Kelly’s bridals, I realized I needed a little more light to fill in her face but didn’t have my reflector on me- no worries, we grabbed a white towel from the housekeeping cart and voila, instant reflector!

It was a pleasure to be a part of their beautiful day! Thank you both!

Venue: Postcard Inn on St. Pete Beach, FL

Entertainment: Grant Hemond DJ’s and Jimmy Moore playing ukulele

Gown: Allure from Olga’s Bridal

Caterer: Postcard Inn

Floral Design: Redman Steele

Cake: Publix

Invitations: Write Stuff in Tampa

Officiant: Amy Kienle

Second Photographer: Jeanine Bollmann Davis


2015-12-10_0020.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0025.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0028.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0026.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0022.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0023.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0027.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0021.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0024.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0029.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0030.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0032.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0035.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0031.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0033.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0034.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0036.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0037.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0038.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0039.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0040.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0041.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0042.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0043.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0044.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0045.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0046.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-10_0047.jpg________P I NSite Image

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