Harrison (Indy) Patrick | Birth

So I know I am a little behind but I just couldn’t wait to share this very special little guy’s debut! Harrison (I call him Indy- bonus points if you know why) was born on a beautiful, sunny afternoon in St. Petersburg at Bayfront Baby Place on July 5th. His mommy, Marci, has been a dear friend of mine for over 20 years. She actually met her husband and Harrison’s dad, Chris, at my and my husband’s engagement party. Three years later, my best friend married his best friend in one of those situations that only seems to happen in sappy rom-coms. Now, 3 children later, Harrison is their bonus baby and we are absolutely over the moon for them.

Marci made the whole process look easy and almost effortless. Only when she hit transition and active labor did the day get a little intense. Chris was there every second to attend to everything for Marci from ice chips to hand holding. When it came time for their daughter Faye to join them, he helped prepare her for her part- which was to actually help deliver the baby and cut the cord. The midwife in the delivery actually caught Faye as well so for her this moment was extra special. I am so proud of Faye and her total commitment to being the best delivery aid in the room. She asked brilliant questions, did not get the least bit squeamish and was right there, ready for anything. She was the first to touch his head full of curly brown hair as he crowned. It was such an incredible moment for everyone involved.

Fighting tears as I saw him emerge, we caught the first seconds of his time in this world and that is a privilege for which I am eternally grateful. Faye cut the cord while Chris focused on Marci and Harrison, watching as these two instantaneously bonded. Marci is a scientist, very logical and practical in every sense. I say this because on this day, even more so than any other before, she was an emotional wreck and it was awesome to see. All the tears that flowed, knowing this was their last baby, their last first look, their last labor and delivery, last first diaper change and latch. Everything they do for the first time will be their last first with a new baby. This perspective made every little detail of this birth that much more important.

I am honored to have captured this amazing day and to be able to share it with you. I loved photographing a new life enter this world, it is nothing short of magical. (Every image is shared with the expressed permission of the family).

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