Great and Not So Great Couples!

I have to give partial credit of this post to my friend Chris O’Driscoll. During a FB conversation, he complimented an album I’d posted and I told him thank you, and that’s it’s easy when you have great clients. He then told me my work is great even when I have “not so great” couples. I responded that I wouldn’t know as I’ve never had a “not so great” couple. He accused me of being ever so politically correct!! The nerve of some people, ha! I simply replied that I work with couples in love and that if a couple is in love, they’re a great couple! He asked if I had that on my website and well, now I do!

It’s very true though, when a couple is in love, there’s a glow about them. A spark in their eyes when they look at each other and a feeling of absolute comfort and joy. They want to touch, look and kiss each other so when I give a slight direction, it’s usually met with an over the top response, which I love! Every couple is different and each show their love for each other in different ways. some are more reserved than others and some have to be restrained (keep it PG in public peeps!) but all are wonderful when in love!!

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