Fernandez Family Portrait Session | Orlando, FL

Lake Baldwin park just outside of Orlando, FL was the ideal setting for this sweet family portrait session! Lauren & Daniel may look familiar if you’ve been following them on their incredible journey! I was fortunate to catch up with them and their extended family just before they headed to Spain (I know, I’m a bit behind on updating you!). It was a beautiful morning, full of sunshine and just cool enough to keep everyone comfortable. Little Dash was his giggly self and loved pointing out every duck that crossed our path!

I love getting to find new places for family portraits, exploring cities and neighborhoods! The cypress and oak trees created some lovely open shade for us to enjoy, and the lake was the perfect backdrop.

We took our time and let Dash wander and enjoy, all that helps keep him happy when we want to wrangle him smiling for a photo! I also love capturing him with everyone in the family and it’s so cool to see how their reactions change with each person. From snuggly and sweet with Grandma to rambunctious belly laughter with Uncle Mike!

Documenting the relationships between family members is one of the best aspects of our sessions. Noticing which cousins are more like siblings, which siblings are in that “I don’t want to touch them” phase (you know the one)! And the grandparents that offer pure joy… it’s all part of why I LOVE family sessions! And why my families select me for their memory maker. I may offer up some cheesy jokes, or you may think I’m nuts at times. However, everything I do is aimed at getting the most candid, real images of your family.

Thank you Fernandezes, for having me out to photograph your amazing family portrait session! You all have a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to see Dash grow over the years- whenever you’re in town!

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Love & Smiles

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