Corporate Headshot Party | Tampa, FL

Link-Systems International hosted a headshot party at their training seminar in Tampa, FL at the downtown Hilton in Tampa, FL. It was an absolute pleasure to work with each of their sales team members. We created dynamic professional portraits that were also filled with personality! No one likes stuffy, unapproachable headshots now that we’re not in the 1950’s.

This courtyard area at the base of the hotel is one of my favorite since it allows for several different backdrops and angles, regardless of the number of people ambling through. We have greenery, brick, glass, water and even street scenes. It is truly the perfect location to get the greatest number of backdrops while staying cohesive. That was an important point to them since all the images would be appearing on the same webpage. While they didn’t want to have the exact same background for each portrait, the final page needed to be consistent. This solves that issue wonderfully!

Once each person came down, we met briefly, I asked if they have any concerns about their appearance that day, or generally in photos. This is something I always do so that I can either reassure that with correct posing, we can correct their discomfort, or we can use appropriate angles. It’s imperative to me that everyone feels comfortable and confident when they are in front of my camera. A little silliness can also go a long way too and luckily, I’m not afraid to get super silly when needed! Positive comments, coaching and feedback ensure we get the perfect image.

Once they received their private online gallery, each team member selected their favorite and I retouched as requested. All retouching is natural looking, long years of burning eyes to learn the best techniques, haha!

Thank you Chris and LSI team for having me out! I loved working with you and can’t wait to update as new members come on board!

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Love & Smiles,


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