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Caitlin & Philip {The Engagement} | Florida Botanical Gardens

This is one of the all-time best engagements I’ve ever heard! Philip flew Caitlin to London for a romantic

Laura & Bassel {The Engagement} | Tampa

What an amazing couple! It was wonderful to meet Laura, Bassel, and their family to photograph them before their

Great and Not So Great Couples!

I have to give partial credit of this post to my friend Chris O’Driscoll. During a FB conversation, he

Elizabeth & Adam {The Engagement} | St. Petersburg

To be honest, when Elizabeth asked for their session to be on the railroad tracks, I could only think of the 1,267,456

Kristy & Matt {The Engagement} | Dunedin

Kristy and Matt are a fun couple who met me out on Main St. in Dunedin on a very chilly morning. We managed to warm

Laren & Darrell {The Engagement} | Tampa

Laren waited for her perfect man, never one to settle, and she found him! I cried tears of joy for her when she called

Laura & Matt {The Engagement} | St. Petersburg

Love & affection should be the title of this post! Laura and Matt were so much fun to photograph, we all just had a

Kym & Chris {The Engagement} | Florida Botanical Gardens

This amazing couple are actually two of my favorite people on this planet! We met through an entrepreneurial group and

Megan & Brandon {The Engagement} | Faith Mansion

What do you get when you mix glamour, fun, glitz and sweetness? This couple! They were totally lit  up in love with

Nicole & John {The Engagement} | St. Petersburg

This is a seriously fun couple! Who else would dress like we actually have an Autumn season, traipse through sand-spur