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Amanda & David | The Wedding | Davis Island Garden Club

Amanda & David held a beautiful wedding on the Tampa waterfront with their closest family and friends. Designed by the über talented Chrissy Craft, the Garden Club was transformed into a pink and gold wonderland. Every detail was simply perfect and I am honored to have captured them! Talk about a dream team, Phil Pasek knows how to throw a party!

Venue: Davis Island Garden Club | Tampa, FL

Entertainment: Phil Pasek | Fast Breaks Entertainment

Event Coordinator: Christina Craft | Ideal Design Events

2015-12-14_0001.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-14_0002.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-14_0003.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-14_0004.jpg________P I NSite Image
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2015-12-14_0009.jpg________P I NSite Image
2015-12-14_0010.jpg________P I NSite Image
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